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This is the official Web site for the
Rhode Island Chapter of American Mensa, Ltd.


You could qualify for Mensa with the scores from intelligence tests you may have already taken.

Now through March 31, American Mensa invites you to submit your scores and we will review them for FREE.

Submit the application, your qualifying test scores and include the code FPEFM2015 to redeem this offer. Find out more at us.mensa.org/join/testscores

Membership in Mensa is open to persons who have attained a score at or above the 98th percentile of the general population on an approved intelligence test that has been properly administered and supervised. There is no other qualification or disqualification for membership eligibility. Please see our Testing page for upcoming tests in this area.

Congratulations to RIM's own Lori and Ron Norris who were presented with the American Mensa Regional Service Award this past Labor Day weekend!

While every volunteer that supports Mensa is valued, Lori and Ron were being honored specifically for their demonstration of leadership and excellence in supporting the regional growth of Mensa in the Northeastern United States.

AML Emerald award to RIM

The Central New Jersey Chapter has a Regional Gathering every year called SNOWBALL which features the "world famous" Pungo Players. It is said to be a wonderful, zany time. For information regarding SNOWBALL, please click here.

   Executive Board

Local Secretary (President) Norman LaBrie   Executive Officer Hope Moffat
Treasurer Joan Markert   Membership Chair Ron Norris

Appointed Officers

Newsletter Editor Paul Stefanik   Testing Coordinator Lori Norris
Program Coordinator Etie-Lee Schaub   Webmaster Steve Lenz
SIGHT Barbara Fontaine   Ombudsman Wendy Preston

These pages and all content Copyright 2009 by Rhode Island Mensa, all rights reserved. Mensa(r) and the Mensa logo (as depicted for example in U.S. TM Reg. No. 1,405,381) are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by American Mensa, Ltd., and are registered in other countries by Mensa International Limited and/or affiliated national Mensa organizations. Mensa does not hold any opinions or have, or express, any political or religious views.